Breast Conserving Surgery

Surgical technique where “LITTLE CAN MEAN MORE..” Complete removal of best cancer with a margin of normal tissue surrounding the tumor. Only the area containing the cancer surrounded by a margin of normal breast tissue is removed. If the cancer in your breast cannot be felt by touch you will have a procedure called needle localization immediately before your lumpectomy surgery. This procedure takes place in the breast-imaging department.

A mammogram or an ultrasound is done to pinpoint the location of the cancer in your breast. A thin wire is then inserted into this spot marking the area of breast tissue to be removed during surgery. After a lumpectomy, the entire breast is usually treated with Radiation Therapy to destroy any remaining cancer cells in the breast.

For Larger tumors preoperative Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy are given to shrink the tumor size that are initially to large for breast conservation.

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy

What Is Sentinel Lymph Node?

Sentinel Lymph node biopsy?

Sentinel lymph node is identified and sent for pathological examination during the time of surgery. If biopsy proves to harbour concerns cells, then only complete axillary lymph node dissection is done.

What are the Advantages?

If negative axillary dissection can be prevented there by reducing

Modified Radical Mastectomy

MRM is complete removal; of breast tissue, overlying kin along with axillary lymph mode dissection This can be followed by reconstructive surgery to reshape the breast.

Oncoplastic Surgery

Patients may also have concerns about how surgery might affect their appearance. Surgeons at AP Breast Centre are well versed in Oncoplastic Surgical techniques. These techniques are designed to give the patients excellent cosmetic results while maintaining sound oncologic principles following major resection from the breast cancers.

Oncoplastic techniques can give more women the option of lumpectomy with immediate local reconstruction, rather than mastectomy. In some cases, the surgeon may also reduce the size or alter the shape of the opposite breast in order to maintain a balanced appearance.